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Hallowed Angel

October 26, 2017


Every Halloween Rinoa Cameron's character Little Tommy returns. Let's kick off the build up to Halloween 2017 with Little Tommy's first appearance.



Hallowed Angel


By Rinoa Cameron


She knelt in the mud, her blue eyes glistening beneath the shroud of her halo and fluffy white wings. Jamie didn’t want to look at her, how could he watch this?


Tears slid down her cheeks, brushed by her soft feathers, which fluttered in the wind.


“I love you, Jamie.” Her voice sounded a thousand miles away.


“Sarah!” He felt desperate. “No, Sarah, no.”


The pain in her face destroyed him. He twisted as hard as he could, but remained securely bound by human hands - they pulled his arms out, clamped his shoulders and pinned him to the spot.


“Please,” he begged in a pathetic whine. “Please. Oh God. No!”


The silver blade flashed in the moonlight. It dipped to touch the back of Sarah’s head, pushed her into a bow, spilled blonde hair over her shoulders and exposed her neck.


“No!” Jamie screamed.


She stayed motionless, like a cherub poised in prayer.


“NO! Take me instead!”


She raised her eyes to him.


The blade rose, but she kept her eyes on him. Her face softened, as her bottom lip trembled, “I love you, Jamie.”




His axe smashed another skull. It cracked like a coconut beneath the heavy blade, sending a spray of gore into the air. Blood spattered Jamie’s face, like warm rain in a horrific wash of tiny tingles.


The screams silenced.


He ripped the axe from the teenager’s head and watched a Halloween party banner drop into the bloody mass of scattered balloons. He looked around the small village hall, its windows decorated in crepe paper and a little table full of goodies for the festivities - only now the sweets bobbed on the floor, intermingled with the bodies, blobs of flesh and party streamers.


A muffled moan drew Jamie’s attention to the corner, where a surviving boy he knew as little Tommy Bellson, huddled in a shaking ball. Dressed in a skeleton costume, he crouched with his hands over his head, whimpering beside the body of a mangled girl.


Jamie heaved the axe to his side and made for his target. He stomped across the floor, bursting several balloons beneath his feet.


Little Tommy started to sob. His body quaked in a shuddering tremor.


Jamie took aim against Tommy’s heaving side. He raised his axe to finish the massacre. Tommy’s tears streaked through the black and white of his Halloween makeup. A tiny gasp hissed from his lips and he raised his soft, blue eyes.


Jamie adjusted the path of his strike, placing the blade on Tommy’s neck.




Last Halloween, Sarah looked so pretty in that pure angel costume, her halo made of Christmas tinsel and her wings of silky feathers. She seemed to glide that night, filled with grace beneath the disco lights. A floating silver star, she felt fresh and innocent, amidst the writhing swarm of demons – a ray of light inside the darkness.


Jamie couldn’t recall the precise moment the shadows burst through the doors, but he would never forget the first scream, or the sound of the first body smacking to the ground.


Twenty-five uninvited guests crashed the party, some with wooden clubs and others with swords or knifes. The screaming howled through the air that night as the partygoers fell into a sea of blood.


Terrified, Jamie grabbed Sarah’s hand to save his angel. The doors lay in sight, and they could have made it, had Sarah not stopped to try and pluck a helpless girl from the floor - cold hands caught them, murdered the girl, and dragged Sarah and Jamie outside. Seconds later they crashed to their knees.


Jamie begged for his lover’s life. He cried until his voice grated. But no mercy came. They held him inches from his angel’s side – centimetres from her – close enough to feel the warmth of her blood when the blade came down and severed her head from her neck.




Eight-year-old Tommy’s eyes cried for help.


“Please.” His voice sounded a thousand miles away.


His eyes screamed.


Tommy curled himself up and trembled beneath Jamie’s axe, his body shaking.


Jamie brought the axe down. It sliced through Tommy’s neck cleanly, sending his head to the ground with a haunting thud, and a pleasing splash of warm rain over Jamie’s skin.


He stood in the middle of the devastation, covered in children’s blood with visions of his angel engraved inside his mind. He stared at Tommy’s lifeless head and couldn’t escape the image of Sarah’s detached face as it rolled, glassy eyed, across the mud – her blonde hair coated in bits of dirt and a stump of bone protruding from her ruptured neck.


Jamie fled. He ran through the cold of Halloween, until he abandoned the orange glow of the streetlamps, pursued by the pound of his feet, which followed like the death march of an executioner’s drum.


“I love you, Jamie.”


“I love you, Jamie.”


“I love you, Jamie.”


He hammered into the darkness where the wind wrapped him in its icy fingers, and he drew upon the bitterness of his frenzied attack - without Sarah he felt hollow, broken and worthless. The only peace he knew was in the warmth of blood when it sprayed his skin, reminding him of her.


“I love you, Jamie.”


The blood rain seemed so damn chilling, yet remained the only sensation with enough power to resurrect her.


“I love you, Jamie.”


The last real warmth he’d ever known.


He ran until his breath wheezed from his lungs and his weak knees crumbled beneath him. He fell to the ground with a cry – screaming with the pain of his broken heart. His life was empty. His angel burnt out and slaughtered. Slain by a group of bloodthirsty murders, who never saw justice.


Jamie wept for his shattered life. He felt his shoulders judder and his fractured soul fall to pieces. His hands wore the blood of the innocent. He hated himself.


“Why not me?” he cried.


It was the question which spilt the blood tonight – why was Sarah dead? Why was she gone and Jamie left to endure the memories?


“Why not me?”


The stars shimmered above him, their deadly twinkle like tears in the sky. His eyes watched the brightest fall. It floated towards him with the grace of a drifting feather, dropping through the darkness in a blaze of pure, white light.


He knelt with his tears drizzled on his cheeks, lifting his gaze towards the angel, who materialised before him. Her halo glistened silver as she spread her silky wings.


“Sarah.” His breath escaped him.


Her glowing hand reached for the axe that quivered in his blood-smeared hands.


Jamie let it go.


She took it with a sweet smile, pushed her fingers into his hair and dipped his head towards his chest.


“I love you Jamie,” she said and brought the axe down.


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