Bill Derwent 

Jim Corwell

Is the Creator and Chief Editor of Feed Your Monster. 

Dark, devious, and devilishly funny, Rinoa knows we all have a monster to take care of inside us. She aims to offer tasty treats to satisfy the hunger pangs.

Specialising in the weird, creepy, disturbing, and insane fiction, she ranges from very dark to lighthearted horror creations, having been sharpening her pen for many years.

Here at Feed Your Monster she keeps the monsters in check and delivers hearty bowlfuls of mayhem. 

To see what else she has to Feed Your Monster visitor her Facebook page Rinoa Cameron Fiction where monsters can indulge a three course meal with leftovers.

Is the Producer, Editor, and Narrator of the Feed Your Monster podcast.

The Feed Your Monster podcast simply could not exist without the wonderfully multi-talented Mr. Bill Derwent.

A photographer, blogger, and experienced radio presenter, Mr Derwent brings Rinoa Cameron's stories to life. A man of a thousand voices, and equally as many excellent qualities, he's truly the lifeblood of this venture.

Check out his Facebook photography page, I'll Flash You.

Is the Senior Editor here at Feed Your Monster.

Jim Corwell is an experienced writer with a wealth of knowledge to share. He's a creator of dark and twisted horror that's as chilling as it is fun to read. 

When it comes to  getting it right, there's no better man for the job, and we're lucky enough to have him on board to help ensure monsters don't chip their teeth on bad grammar.

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Meet the Monsters

Rinoa Cameron

Feed Your Monster comprises of a very small, but friendly team of experienced horror writers who set out to create something special for writers and readers alike. 

We love dark and creepy and things that go bump in the night. We want to help writers improve and share their stories. 

We're here to get great stories out there, but also to help writers reach other writers and find writing resources and to help readers find writers whose stories they will love.

Rinoa Cameron lives in a nest of spiders, dragons, and sharks. Fantastic stories jam packed with monsters and goo are always close to her heart.

Bill Derwent is a man of a thousand voices and equally as many other excellent qualities. He likes country music, but doesn't like to admit it. 

Jim Corwell, a deeply philosophical British writer who lives in a shed by the sea. He likes violence, dismemberment, screaming, and anything with custard.

The Feed Your Monster Team

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