Feed Your Monster has lots of delicacies to offer. 

From light crunchy bone salads to hunks or rare, dripping flesh, there's something to satisfy even the pickiest of monsters here. 

We're here to satisfy readers and writers alike. We love readers and not just for dinner, we treat them like royalty. We'll even pick flesh from their monster's teeth with floss.

We also love writers. We understand that in order to serve readers, we must look after our writers. If you're a writer we don't simply aim to polish your monster's teeth, we want to sharpen them. 

Reading is not only a getaway to far off, demon-infested lands, it's also a valuable tool for writers. All writers should read as much as they can and our ezine is a great place to start, especially if you love monster stories packed with grisly twists and turns. 

In our Buffet section you will find a list of novels from independent authors. As both a reader and/or writer the very best thing you can do for them is: READ. REVIEW. RECOMMEND.

We've gathered other resources for you, too. You can browse our list of writing groups to connect with fellow writers and build a network of support. 

Plus we will consider listing links to your book or website for free. See the Buffet section for details.

Or if you think you're ready to write for us, head over to our submissions guidelines page to see if you can make the cut. Be warned, though, we only want the very best for our monsters. No cold custard or soggy cabbage, please.  


Our brains and guts special with all the extras you could want. Hearty helpings of flash fiction and short stories to fill those hungry bellies. New flavours weekly. 

The Feed Your Monster 'zine

The Feed Your Monster Podcast

The Feed Your Monster Buffet 

A Sunday roast with all the trimmings. Links to Feed Your Monster's bi-annual anthologies and also to books and blogs we've hand picked for you to browse. Even fussy monsters will find something to chew on here.

The perfect dessert! Tasty stories slathered with bone jelly, brought to life by our very own Mr. Bill Derwent. 

Sit back, chill out, and enjoy.

Welcome Monsters

Readers and Writers

Welcome hungry monsters to the restaurant where inner monsters everywhere are invited to make themselves comfortable and sink their teeth into our meaty goodness. 

We aim to bring stories to delight and horrify, serving up vampires, ghosts, demons, sharks, aliens and things that

go bump in the night. 

Here everything scuttles or skulks in the shadows. Eyes

are watching. Teeth waiting. Sleepless nights and shivers

down the back of your neck lurk around every corner.

So, leave your angels at the door and bring your monsters

inside for their feeding.  


What's on the Menu?

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